New Features

  • Introduction of document data caching – meaning values of content controls are always available whether inside select or optional paragraphs
  • Batch Processing tool to allow a group of DocAssist documents to be generated against a set matter and author
  • Tool to Deconstruct/Reconstruct Repeaters for ease of updating and maintaining repeaters
  • Addressee’s email address will auto-populate into the To box when DocAssist emails are created
  • Option to retain the Outlook email signature in DocAssist emails
  • Ability to start a new precedent automatically in filtered mode – to only take the user to incomplete content controls
  • Centralised management of DocAssist licences by allocating licences to specific users, in DocAssist Admin utility
  • Auto Allocation of DocAssist Licence to Users if they have DocAssist installed, use Word, are unlicensed and there are enough licences available.  Otherwise, the administrator will have to allocate the licence manually using the Admin Utility
  • Centralised management of DocAssist licensing key via DocAssist Admin utility
  • Licencing warning appears 5 days from when the licence is due to expire
  • Contact Lookups include the ability to multi select and return a delimited list of contact names with optional delimiters and final delimiter.  EG Rebecca Painter, Pratik Mehta and Demi Agraz.
  • Ability to control whether an iManage Clause Bank content control will refresh automatically when it is accessed in a document.  A configuration setting is available to choose it to automatically refresh clause content from iManage or leave it as static in the document after insertion.  – <AutoRefreshClauseControlOnClick>True</AutoRefreshClauseControlOnClick>
  • Suppress the refresh of a Repeater Control when a user clicks on the control in the document.  It will only refresh by clicking the Add button (+) to add a new repeater or when moving through the Repeaters using the arrows on the DocAssist pane.  This can be turned on/off using a setting in the configuration file
  • DocAssist pane will only refresh when choosing an option from a Select Paragraph, if there are controls that appear on the pane, as a result of the selection made
  • Ability to add controls that are hidden on the pane and during navigation.  User will not be prompted in the document or the pane.
  • View User and Edit User details added to the DocAssist Pane, if the necessary settings are added to the DocAssist configuration file (Settings.xml) and ability to make certain User attributes read only – both across standard User fields (ie First Name, Last Name) and extended data fields (inside the data XML)
  • DocAssist emails can be sent in draft mode.  Depending on settings in the settings.xml file
  • DocAssist emails retain their numbering

Feature Changes

  • DocAssist prompt pane orders controls correctly when they are introduced during select paragraph process
  • Clippings dialog scales correctly on high DPI monitors
  • Mouse wheel movements will not interfere with dropdown controls in the prompt pane
  • Prompt pane always shows up to date data from the matter when writeback is used
  • Money controls that calculate totals will update automatically in the prompt pane
  • Repeater controls when added to the Prompt pane will have a Title heading assigned
  • Removing a Repeater option will remove it as a relationship from the matter
  • Controls inside a repeater will writeback to the database
  • A Letterhead will get inserted, if a matter is not selected, if there is an Author selected
  • Improvements in dialog sizing and location when changing resolution
  • Enhancements to improve scaling on multi select paragraphs dropdown
  • Enhancements to improve selection and saving of changes in Admin Utility
  • Improve signoff
  • Improve how repeating users or contacts after being added to the document, are being deleted and updated in the database and document
  • Updated Rich Text Control default message
  • Improve scaling of text control labels in the DocAssist pane
  • Improve scaling of toolbar icons in the DocAssist pane

Feature Changes specific to imanage users only

  • Clause Bank dynamically updates with additions to folders and documents
  • Worksite context setting to offer more options when opening or saving a document to Worksite
  • Work 10 only – Precedent Bank, Email Precedent Bank and Clause Bank can point to a Work10 folder in addition to a Work10 workspace
  • Work10 only – Update functionality for Work10 to allow using location and lists to be added to a document from ClauseBank
  • Work10 only – Improve searching in Clause Bank
Aakash Mehta, Demi Agraz and Pratik Mehta

Our legendary MatterSphere team attended VANTAGE APAC Regional Conference over 24-25 September at Sydney’s Hilton.  As Thomson Reuters product and implementation partners it is always good to meet clients face to face in an environment where we can demonstrate our latest and greatest customisations and product suites. It’s also a good opportunity for us to get feedback and learn from the ecosystem  of users, developers and other partners.

It was refreshing to confirm that MatterSphere is still going strong in the APAC region. Despite online rumours it was obvious from the sessions and conversations with Thomson Reuters team that there is a significant amount of investment going in to continued development of MatterSphere for the UK and APAC market.

Perhaps the most interesting topic of the two day conference was presented by Shine. Jodie Willey and Kelly Addison presented their innovation project, Claimify. We were proud to be in the room for this presentation as Mosmar was one of handful of partners who collaborated on this project. It was a good opportunity for us to see our hard work come to life and also see firsthand the feedback and commentary from other MatterSphere sites on the innovative way Shine developed the MatterSphere Client Portal and database to enable deep learning tools that give their clients and lawyers better insight into the potential outcome of their cases. It’s the first project of its kind globally and we were excited to have taken part in it.

Jodie Willey and Kelly Addison presenting Claimify

Vantage is always a special conference for us. It brings together like minded clients and partners who use the same tools to do very different things. It’s exciting to see the innovation that goes into the development of 3E MatterSphere in house at firms like Shine. We look forward to catching up with everyone again at the next conference!

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