Anyone who has ever been involved in precedent development and administration knows the pain of having to move from one document automation system to another. Often hundreds, if not thousands of precedents will need to be analysed, grouped, culled and converted manually while the administrators learn to use the new system. Weeks (sometimes months!) of frustration later precedents are converted at great cost to you and your document developers.

Whilst manual analysis and conversion isn’t impossible, it is prone to human error. In one of our latest blog posts we talked about the “we’ve always done it this way” attitude. Just because you’ve done the analysis and conversion process manually in the past doesn’t mean there is no help at hand. This is why we developed DocAnalyser

Analyse your precedent content and code visually using PowerBI or SSRS.

What is DocAnalyser?

DocAnalyser monitors your precedent quality and content. It reports on a range of content in your precedents such as Word fields, document variables, version numbers, custom properties and styles. It even report on particular strings of text that you may be interested in.

You could say that DocAnalyser is your precedent auditing tool. As a content analyser it can report on faults and inconsistencies in your precedents. Providing you with valuable insight into problems before your users alert you to them.

DocAnalyser can be configured to co-exist with other document and precedent management systems, and is tightly integrated with iManage.

Auditing results can be viewed using our prefabricated reports or via your own analytics your way. Having the ability to visually see comparative data about your documents is an invaluable insight.


Once DocAnalyser has analysed your document and precedent content, it’s possible to map a reconfiguration to convert your precedents to a new environment. DocAnalyser is often used to convert precedents across to Mosmar’s DocAssist solution.

Most importantly, conversion of your precedent content can be done in bulk as well as incrementally.

What are the savings?

The savings from automating the precedent conversion process is immense. Mosmar was able to convert 4500 precedents in 3.5 hours at one site. And during the analysis process, we were able to identify over 2900 precedents which were either no longer used or required; reducing the number of precedents requiring full conversion, testing and uploading to 1600.

The simple ability to cull disused precedents and identify inconsistencies in documents in mere hours is tremendously valuable to project teams operating under strict deadlines and budgets.  

Are you interested in converting?

Precedent conversion doesn’t need to be  a nightmare. We are the document experts so if you’re interested in converting or conducting precedent content analysis, please contact us for a no obligation demonstration. 

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