1. Insert the Snippet into your document and make the required changes to the content.
  2. Highlight the updated content.
  3. Find the Snippet inside the Mosmar Snippets pane
  4. Right click and choose Update “SnippetName”
  5. Tick the box Change Snippet Content
  6. Click Update
  1. Highlight some content in your document.  It could be a single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, contain images, tables etc.  The content can also have styles applied, this is actually desirable.
  2. Click the + button at the top left of the Snippet pane.
  3. Browse through the Snippet libraries to find the folder that should contain your new Snippet. 
  4. Enter a Code.  This must be unique inside that Library
  5. Enter a Name.  This should be a clear description of what your Snippet represents.
  6. Enter Notes.  This is optional, but is very useful to helpful people to find and use your Snippet.  Particularly when contributing to shared library.

There are 3 ways to insert content from Snippets into a document. 

  1. Click and browse through all the folders to find the required Snippet, or search for it in the Search box.  Drag and drop the Snippet into the document at the required place. 
  2. Click the Insert button when your cursor is at the required place to insert the selected Snippet.
  3. Type the Snippet code into your document and press the F3 key. This will insert the Snippet at your cursor location.

1.             Extract the files from the Snippets.zip file as provided to you by Mosmar.

2.             Right click the SnippetsSettings.xml file and open with Notepad

3.             Confirm Licence Details – these should have come prepopulated from Mosmar, but you may need to adjust the licencing over time:





    <LicenceKey>399X JLE5 48V6 TMCD</LicenceKey>


4.             Confirm the base location of your Sharepoint folders/libraries (if using Sharepoint)


5.             Configure the Snippets locations, names and permissions.

a)             Name:  This is the name that will appear in the Snippets pane

b)             Path:  The full location to the Snippets library.  If Sharepoint, please enter the full path.  If a network path, enter either the drive mapping or the UNC value.


    <SnippetsLocation Name=”Personal” Enabled=”True” Path=”https://mosmar.sharepoint.com/sites/mosmar/Snippets/%username%” CreateRootFolder=”True” Order=”1″/>

    <SnippetsLocation Name=”Shared” Enabled=”True”   Path=”G:\Snippets\Corporate” CreateRootFolder=”True” Order=”2″/>

    <SnippetsLocation Name=”Globals” Enabled=”True” Path=”https://mosmar.sharepoint.com/sites/mosmar/Snippets/Firm” CreateRootFolder=”True” Order=”3″/>


Mosmar Snippets can be installed and run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 onwards

and is compatible with the following, locally installed, Microsoft Office versions:

  • Office 2010, 2013, 2019 and Office 365

© Copyright - Mosmar