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We live and breathe 3E MatterSphere

We have a combined 15+ years of business analysis, development and implementation experience

We are the leading developers of the 3E MatterSphere Client Portal in the Asia Pacific region


Enhance your 3E MatterSphere experience with our complimentary and supported products

3E MatterSphere Client Portal (MCP)

We are the leading developers of 3E MatterSphere Client Portal in the Asia Pacific region. With dozens of Client Portal projects under our belt, we have made a name for ourselves with our innovative customisations, integrations and in-house developer training programmes.

SDK Development

3E MatterSphere’s SDK is a robust environment where screens, wizards, lists, scripts can all be built and modified to create your ultimate solution. Mosmar’s developers are all experienced in developing inside the SDK and more importantly understanding what can, what can’t and possibly what shouldn’t be done.

We are your trusted advisors for MatterSphere development – whilst it’s a powerful SDK, we will advise you on the best development paths and ensure you consider forward planning and maintenance of your MatterSphere environment going forward.

Taskflow Development

Taskflow Automation is one of 3E MatterSphere’s most popular features. Taskflow automation allows users to automate their daily tasks and provides managers an overview of their team’s BAU processes. Its efficiency comes from its embeddedness.

Our expert 3E MatterSphere consultants will design and implement a workflow solution to meet your brief and budget, and to get the most out of your MatterSphere investment.

Collective Intelligence System

Our Collective Intelligence System is the perfect addition to your 3E MatterSphere environment.  Simply the process of creating matters and new instructions via a configurable and user friendly web portal.  Provide up to date information on your MatterSphere clients and cases and enable interactivity amongst your teams even when not using MatterSphere.

Download Collective Intelligence System Brochure

Precedent Development

At Mosmar we LOVE documents, so much so that we have our own line of products to help you automate your precedents; whether you’re a 3E MatterSphere site or not!

But if YOU don’t love automating your precedents, our experts can do the work for you. Whether you use Precedent Assist or MatterSphere’s built in tools, we can help you build professional and efficient precedents that will work every time.


With over 20 years combined experience in MatterSphere customisations, we accumulated vast knowledge in anything MatterSphere development and user experience related.

We expert offer training in the following areas:

  • Precedent Assist and Precedent Administration for MatterSphere
  • MatterSphere SDK
  • MatterSphere Client Portal Implementation and Development
  • MatterSphere Taskflow for Business Analysts and Developers
  • MatterSphere End User Training

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