Rebecca Painter

Rebecca Painter

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca has worked in the technology industry for over 24 years.

During her career, both within and outside of the legal sector, Rebecca is known for her incessant note taking, continual questions and probing for information.  She has a flair for getting up to speed with projects incredibly quickly, and has a passion for automation efficiency and knowledge transparency.

After working for more than 10 years at a large Australian law firm and having ‘been there and done that’ with all the usual IT projects, Rebecca decided it was time to share her combined 24 years of IT skills and knowledge with the broader community.

What she has done

Rebecca has been involved in some of the most exciting and challenging projects during her IT career.

Working her way up the ranks of the IT ladder from Helpdesk, Systems Administrator to IT Director, Rebecca has seen it all when it comes to the typical legal IT environment.

Some of the highlights from Rebecca’s career include:

  • Business analysis and design of legal workflows for a large plaintiff law firm
  • Project managing multiple DocAssist implementations at large law firms
  • Design and development supporting products and solutions for Thomson Reuters 3E MatterSphere
  • Managing and technically leading a Document Management System migration
  • Procurement and implementation of the Thomson Reuters Elite 3E legal practice management system

What she is doing now

As the CEO of Mosmar, Rebecca’s focus is on ensuring continued service excellence for all clients, and that every project is running on time and to specification.  She is also regularly liaising with Mosmar’s key partners and networking with other vendors in the legal technology industry.

Whilst generally ‘off the tools’, there are occasions where Rebecca will find herself coding some VBA, developing in MatterSphere, or creating precedents in DocAssist.  She is an advocate for ensuring skills are never lost, and chipping in to help where help is needed.

What else she’s working on

As a Microsoft partner, Rebecca is very interested in leveraging existing tools to make processes and workflow more efficient.  The Microsoft Power Platform has piqued her interest, with a view to applying these solutions to a legal tech perspective.

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