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Opening Word 2010 without an initial document

Often we have clients who want Word to open without an initial document being displayed. This is usually because they don’t want the initial document based on the normal template. Doing a winword /a is no good, as it kills off all the other add-ins – so your DMS is usually killed off in the process, let alone all your other add-ins.


Soggy watermarks in Word 2007/2010

Have you had a play with watermarks in Word 2007 or 2010? It looks great – a nice little graphical drop down so you can see what you’re inserting, the ability to create custom watermarks, what’s not to like? For simple documents, this works really well. The problem is once you come to a document […]


SplendidCRM de duplicating emails sent via a campaign

Recently I was dealing with an interesting issue regarding the SplendidCRM marketing system. Whenever the client sent emails out via the CRM, it would not de-duplicate the emails.  Therefore, if the recipient was on two target lists in the campaign they would receive the email twice. Not ideal really. After much searching I could not […]


Wake On Lan that’s sleeping in

We recently developed a web app for a client that allows their users to wake up their computer without knowing the MAC address – just their machine name. The app gets the MAC address and default gateway details from the client’s Microsoft SCCM database. All was going well, until we found some machines that wouldn’t […]


Unknown no more – signing your installs

Want to stop your installations being from an unknown publisher according to Window 7’s UAC? Well, if you’ve got a code signing certificate, you’ll want to sign your MSI files. You can of course just sign your files manually using the signtool utility as follows: signtool.exe sign /a “path to your msi“ The location of signtool […]

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