Document Specialists

Automate your document process

We have worked within the document creation and intelligent information space for over 20 years

We know the process inside out, we understand what can be done as well as the limitations out there. We help our clients make the best decision on automating their processes.


Our products help you get the best out of Microsoft Office

Mosmar Snippets

A simple yet smart Clause Library solution embedded inside Microsoft Word and Outlook

Mosmar Style Suite

A simple way for businesses and enterprises to manage their document styles


Simple distribution of correctly branded and managed templates company wide

Custom Solutions

Dream of having more efficient document generation processes? Use a document management system and wish it integrated better with Microsoft Office? Then talk to us. We love customisation!

We believe that every business is different, and every business deserves individual attention. Our consultants are experts at getting to know you, your business and your individual requirements. We can provide you with customised ribbons, document automation, BI solutions, portals and even tailor your 3E MatterSphere experience.

Office Ribbons

Quickly select the document you need, edit and make changes using the correct styles and numbering. Find the right content and clauses.

It’s all possible with a custom ribbon from Mosmar.

Plus it’s not just for word – we can do the same for PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Word Document Styling

Ensuring consistent formatting of your documents can be laborious. Sometime documents don’t end up looking way they should.

Mosmar can build you a custom Word ribbon solution to make applying the right styles to the right document a breeze.

Themes and Templates

Designers like to provide layers in any format but Word. Translating this to something you use in Word can be difficult or even downright impossible.

We take their vision and make it a reality, with simple tools to insert content whilst maintaining consistent look and feel that is on brand.

We have the expertise to know what is possible and what is realistic within your budget.

These solutions are available in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Would you like a meeting to discuss how our services could assist your business?

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