Know your Precedent Content

Documents drive your business – stay in control with DocAnalyser

Why DocAnalyser?

It’s easy to accumulate a large volume of precedents without knowing whether they’re working for or against you. DocAnalyser monitors your precedent quality to ensure you’re always delivering documents that are uniform, up to date, and of quality.

Analyse your existing precedents

Ever heard the term “Garbage in. Garbage out.”?  DocAnalyser reports on faults, styles, merge fields and content strings – so you know what documents your firm is producing.

Looking to move to a new precedent system?  This is when DocAnalyser is the most valuable.  Don’t bring extra garbage into your new system.  Analyse your precedent content before you convert.

Report on the findings

DocAnalyser can be configured to co-exist with any document automation system and works natively with iManage. The most significant feature of DocAnalyser is its analytics component. It logs document variables, version numbers, custom properties, field names and types to a database – ready to be reported on.

What’s your ROI?

The savings from automating the precedent conversion process is immense. Mosmar once analysed 4500 precedents in 3.5 hours on one site. And during the analysis process they were able to identify over 2900 precedents which were either no longer used or required. Thus reducing the number of precedents requiring full conversion, testing and uploading to 1600.

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