Precedent Assist for MatterSphere

Precedent Assist

3E Mattersphere

Mosmar are certified consultants in 3E MatterSphere.  We know the product inside out, including how to supplement it to make life easier for MatterSphere administrators.

Precedent Assist provides a simplistic interface for adding automation to Mattersphere precedents.

What is Precedent Assist?

The Precedent Assist developer environment appears as a ‘pane’ next to your document in Microsoft Word, allowing you to maintain focus of your document whilst editing your precedent.

Searching for MatterSphere fields and configuring the conditional statements is fast and efficient.

Why did we build it?

As a Thomson Reuters Elite 3E MatterSphere consulting company, we identified certain precedent editing tasks that could be simplified to enable faster up-skilling of resources and faster turnaround of precedents.

The average IT department does not have the resources available to maintain precedents, nor does it often have the desire.

Precedent administrators,  document editors, administrative or secretarial staff now have a tool empowering them to create complex precedents without IT assistance.

Why do I need Precedent Assist if I already have 3E MatterSphere?

3E MatterSphere is a fantastic matter and task management solution which includes the ability to capture and reuse data amongst it’s interfaces, reports and documents.

Precedent Assist complements MatterSphere by taking it’s core precedent automation solution and supplementing it with more advanced conditional logic, that don’t take an IT degree to configure.

You will turn around simple precedents incredibly quickly, create complex automated precedents without IT assistance, and work seamlessly with a team of editors using the centralised field database.


Search by Field Code, Field Value and Help Text


Drag and drop the field you need


Select an Advanced Function to use


Test your precedent using a sample client/matter

Keep it Simple

What do we need in our Precedents? MatterSphere Fields!
What is the easiest way to add them? Drag n drop!
Search for the field you need, drop it where it needs to go. Simple!

Simple Functions to “code” your MatterSphere precedents – without code!

  • Publish MatterSphere fields
    Make it easy for your precedent administrators by publishing the fields they need to use regularly with help text and friendly names.
  • Lookup field validator
    Create this field correctly using a lookup type list and validation
  • Miscellaneous field validator
    Validation ensures your miscellaneous field is composed correctly
  • IF Statement builder
    Don’t guess with your Word IF statements – build them without having to remember the tricky syntax
  • IF Statement (Advanced)
    Use powerful conditional statements to include text by paragraph, sentence, table or row. Optionally bring in clauses or content based on user selection.
  • Format Fields
    Apply formatting to Currency, Date Time and Number fields. Or apply the case syntax for text fields to appear in Uppercase, Title Case etc.
  • Repeating Blocks
    Enable sections of text to repeat in a document based on data supplied by MatterSphere Search Lists. Eg loop through and output details of all associates on a file in a block fashion.
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