Clause Library

Create documents and emails faster and smarter with Snippets Clause Library

Now supporting Microsoft 365!

Insert Content

Snippets is all about speed of document production. Find a Snippet and drag n drop it straight into your document or email. Or type a Snippet code and press a shortcut key to automatically insert the Snippet.

Fast.  Simple.

Dynamic Search

Snippet content is stored in Sharepoint 365 and utilises Sharepoint’s fast and efficient indexing services to always return accurate search results. Search by clause code, clause name, comments or full text data to quickly find required content.

Protect Content

Global libraries are used to provide firm level, vetted and accurate business clauses. Sharepoint’s security model allows easy control over who can maintain and contribute to content.

Contribute and Share

Subsidise firm wide clauses with additional favoured content. Keep them private or share them with your team.

Quick. Easy.


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