Trust your Branding with Templafy

Simple global distribution and management of document and presentation templates

Why Templafy?

Templafy supports millions of employees worldwide to create documents faster and within company standards through anywhere-access to all content.

What can we do with Templafy?

At Mosmar we are documenting experts.  So we are certified experts in creating and maintaining your documents in Templafy.

  • Implementation and distribution management
  • Business Analysis of branding techniques and template design
  • Integrations using APIs and Templafy Connectors (App, Delivery, Data and Content)

Complementary Solutions

No one size fits all.  Having been in this industry for over 12 years, we know this to be true.

As a result, we have a number of add on solutions that take Templafy one step further in being perfect for your business.

Can we arrange a demo to show you our software in action?

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