iManage Integrations

What is WSExport?

Need to get your documents out of WorkSite/iManage quickly, easily and cheaply?  Then WSExport is for you.

Ideal for litigation discoveries, sharing content with third parties or backing up closed matters.

What does it do?

Designed in conjunction with our legal clients, WSExport contains features specifically for legal:

  • Customisable hyperlinked index to include with the exported documents – users simply open the index to browse and open the files they want to look at
  • Change the name and order of exported folders without affecting the original WorkSite structure
  • Ability to add auto numbering for exported documents
  • Export all versions, or just the latest
  • Shorten file and folder names so they fit on the file system you’re exporting to
  • Ability to lock down features within WSExport – restrict folders or workspaces users can export from, force file name formats and many more options

How cheap is cheap?

Not only is WSExport easy to use, it’s also easy on the pocket at only AUD$2500 per site. And if that’s not cheap enough for you we now offer WSExport licenses by the day or week – so now you can pass the costs on to other parties.

Can we arrange a demo to show you our software in action?

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