ShareDo announces Mosmar partnership

For over 15 years, Mosmar has been a trusted advisor to the legal technology industry. Mosmar provides cutting-edge solutions for document generation, workflow management and custom services that streamline legal processes and maximise productivity whilst minimising risk.

The Mosmar senior consulting team have previously worked in law firms, including CEO, Rebecca Painter, who was the IT Director at a large firm. The Mosmar team is unique in that they have insight into the technology pain points faced by law firms and with this deep understanding, they have developed a suite of solutions and service offerings for firms of all sizes. 


I am thrilled to announce Mosmar’s partnership with ShareDo. The team at ShareDo are trailblazers in the case management space – and are a really great bunch of people! I have followed their journey since they started in the UK and I am so excited to partner with them to introduce the amazing ShareDo platform to Australian law firms which will revolutionise legal process management. ShareDo is the perfect addition to Mosmar’s range of tech solutions for the legal industry.

Rebecca Painter, CEO, Mosmar

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