Nissy Abraham

Nissy Abraham


Nissy is our local VBA expert. She has extensive experience in programming for macro development in Excel, Access and Word. Apart from VBA, Nissy is also experienced in ASP.Net, ADO.Net, VB.Net as well as C#, Jquery HTML, CSS and Web Services. She is an experienced developer for Oracle and Microsoft SQL as well as Access.

What she has done

Nissy has 10 years of experience working in end-to-end development of custom applications, macro solutions and bespoke tools for a variety of industries both in Australia and overseas. She has industry experience in specialist IT consultancy as well as engineering, business solutions and insurance sectors.

Her attention for detail and aptitude for handling vast quantities of user requirements has seen her develop an abundance of tools and solutions involving intricate calculations, user interfaces, automated documents and reports in diverse environments.

What she is doing now

Nissy is a pro when it comes to staying calm and composed under considerable pressure. Her boundless energy, positive attitude and self-motivation makes Nissy a much sought after team member both within Mosmar and on client sites.

Nissy is primarily responsible for development and implementation of DocAssist and custom macros for document automation. She works on and off client sites on various projects.

What else she’s working on

  • DocAssist implementation and development
  • iManage Work 10 add-ins
  • Document automation
  • Microsoft Office development
  • Advanced VBA coding and ribbon development
  • Advanced macro development
  • Web Services and SharePoint development
  • Database Development
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