Precedent Converter

Precedent Converter

3E Mattersphere

What is Precedent Converter?

The Precedent Converter is used to migrate precedents from existing automation systems or shared drives into MatterSphere.

It is fast to install and simple to use. Convert up to 3000 precedents in less than a day!

Simplify your transition process

The simple to use interface of Precedent Converter allows you to map existing MERGEFIELDS into MatterSphere fields and document variables. It will remap and create new fields as required. And you don’t have to overwhelm your precedent managers by doing it all at once, you can run Precedent Converter incrementally as required.

I’m not using MatterSphere, can I still use Precedent Converter?

Definitely! The core product was built to migrate precedents between other systems such as iManage Work. It can be tweaked to work with any common precedent management system.

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