ShareDo Specialists

We have 30+ years of business analysis, development and implementation experience

Plus our consultants have worked internally at law firms during their careers

This combination makes us the best ShareDo addition to your project team

Our Tips and Tricks

  • Client Portal is out of the box!

    Did you know the ShareDo Client Portal comes out of the box with the solution?
    It enables law firms to interact closely with their clients for real time reporting and status updates.
    This greatly minimises interruptions and distractions to the legal team by empowering clients to answer key questions and track matter velocity.

  • Track SLAs using Statement of Work

    Lawyers should not rely on their memory, paper files, email reminders or even static documents to remember key case related dates –  particularly those dates that impact a firm’s ability to meet SLAs.
    Each ShareDo matter is linked to a Statement of Work defining client SLAs and agreed rates.

  • We LOVE ShareDo’s data quality rules

    These days, the more data you capture, the more control you have over your case or matter.
    But it’s also important to know when to capture it. ShareDo’s data quality rules ensure that critical data is captured as the case progresses through the pre-defined stages.
    This is important to ensure that prior to entering stages such as litigation, that you have recorded all the information needed for this process to run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Visual Workflow Builder - lego blocks

    We’ve worked with so many legal operations and workflow solutions, and we know intimately how rare it is to not tweak a workflow over time. Changes in legislation, client SLAs and court filing processes happen often – which is why we love love love ShareDo’s visual workflow builder. It’s easy to update processes to include additional steps without breaking the entire flow and needing to start again.

  • ShareDo Blog

    Click here for ShareDo’s blog – product updates, new client announcements and opinion pieces

What is ShareDo?

ShareDo is an adaptive case and matter management platform. It revolutionises the legal workplace and provide benefits such as improved productivity, better collaboration and enhanced management visibility.

Built using the best technology stack to solve today’s business problems, ShareDo improves an organisation’s efficiency to help drive successful client outcomes.

The powerful yet simple all-in-one interface that brings your daily work into focus. ShareDo places everything at your fingertips, when you need it most.

With advanced automated workflows, full integration with your enterprise systems, right-time predictive notifications and intelligent insights, we support and navigate you through your matters in no time.

How can we help you with your ShareDo project?

With a full and complex understanding of both legal processes and the ShareDo platform, we can assist your firm with:

  • Business analysis and process mapping
  • ShareDo work type configuration
  • ShareDo form design
  • ShareDo visual workflows
  • ShareDo precedents (documents and emails)
  • Training

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