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Smart People | Simple Solutions

Who are we

Mosmar has been providing consulting advice and technical solutions to the Legal Industry for nearly 14 years.

Our consultants have worked previously in law firms, they know the legal processes and precedents and what lawyers and professionals need to be efficient.

Our consultants and developers that are experienced in:

⇨ Microsoft Office 365 – custom solutions, integrations, templates
⇨ ShareDo – customisations, workflow, templates, portal design
⇨ 3E MatterSphere – client portal, integration, workflow, precedents
⇨ Templafy – templates, branding, integrations, workflow
⇨ iManage – integrations, customisations
⇨ Web Portals – client extranets, reporting, information exchange
⇨ APIs – system integrations, data exchange

We have built our own simple yet smart solutions that help our law firm clients work effectively AND efficiently.

Why use us

We have a combined 50+ years of experience working with the legal industry.  We have an in-depth understanding of what makes life easier for our client base.

We are Smart because we always:

✰ Use the most suitable and relevant technology
✰ Leverage existing solutions where possible
✰ Use the right resource for the job
✰ Meet the budget

Our solutions are Simple because we:

✰ Focus on the end user experience – this is our priority!!
✰ Deliver easy to use solutions
✰ Match the brief
✰ Ensure our solutions are adopted successfully by our clients

We have enjoyed working with our very valued client base over the last 15+ years

 Rebecca Painter

Rebecca Painter

Chief Executive Officer

Business Analysis, Strategy, Legal Operations
Sharedo, Templafy

Esther Pelser

Esther Pelser

Senior Consultant

Knowledge Management, Microsoft Office, VBA, Precedents/Templates

Mark Olaes

Mark Olaes


iManage Work 10, C# , Web API, Mobile apps

Alecx Anastacio

Alecx Anastacio

Project Manager

Project Management, Consulting/Business Analysis, Template Development

Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy


Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing

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