We make your document automation and workflow processes clever yet simple to use

Our solutions save you time and money so you can get on with what you do best.

Microsoft Office Solutions


A document automation solution with a difference. The ultimate drafting tool making document generation a breeze.


Review your precedent bank to report on faults and inefficiencies, using this simple tool.

Control Print

Print your document the way you want the first time. Maintain and configure your printing environment with ease.


Clippings enables users to save pieces of text, tables, images or anything they might have on a document for reuse in other documents.

DocAssist – Document Automation

Is your current Document Automation solution code-free, template-free and most of all fuss-free?

  • Simple to use, even easier to maintain
  • Watch your database grow just by creating documents
  • DocAssist suits boutique firms to multi-nationals

It’s local. It’s cheap. It’s easy. Why not!

3E Mattersphere

Precedent Assist

Quick and Simple access to 3E MatterSphere fields and functionality for trouble-free Precedent development.

Doc Binder

A clever tool enabling fast and accurate export of documents from the MatterSphere document repository.

Precedent Converter

Get up and running with 3E MatterSphere faster using Precedent Converter to migrate your existing templates.

iManage Integrations


Access your iManage documents, folders, matters or workspace all via a simple hyperlink.


Get your documents out of iManage quickly, easily and cheaply using WSExport.


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