Feed the workhorse that is ShareDo – what does it love? Data!

Capturing and maintaining data is critical for the accurate and successful carriage of a legal matter. The more data you collect, the more power you have over your legal operations. 

In our experience, many law firms are “document driven”. They draft, send, receive and store documents. However, without accurate review processes, those documents become stale and static and are often not leveraged for future case work. The best practice is for documents to be a by product of legal case data, not the data themselves.  

Data captured can:

  • Advise and strategise on the most successful approach for matter handling.
  • Feed into documents and emails for accurate and effective communications.
  • Direct tasks and workflows for optimum efficiency.
  • Influence reports that guide and educate law firms on resource allocation and potential matter velocity roadblocks.

With ShareDo – data can be entered in many different ways:

  • During intake of a new matter.
  • By a client via ShareDo’s Portal.
  • By the lawyer alongside the client during an initial meeting or call.
  • By the law firm’s new business intake team.

And also in the ongoing carriage of the matter it can be updated by:

  • The client via ShareDo’s Portal
  • The lawyer as they complete tasks and receive notifications
  • The team as they collaboratively work on the case plan

Want to know how ShareDo could help reinvigorate your legal process management? It’s no secret we are big fans after seeing what it can do for law firms. Give us a shout- we would love to chat. Reach out to us here.

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