There are rules and regulations by which the Australian court system accepts the submission of legal documents. Understandably so, given the importance of such content – but it can be a headache for many law firms.

Here are our top 5 benefits of managing Court Forms in the solutions we love – ShareDo and Templafy.

1️⃣ Precedents/templates are in Microsoft Word .docx format, ensuring formatting and styles are consistent

2️⃣ Content is stored in pieces (content block or text elements) to be re-used across multiple templates

3️⃣ Form prompts help the user to complete the document (questionnaires or gating questions)

4️⃣ A template builder interface inside Microsoft Word providing low-code configuration in a familiar environment

5️⃣ Documents have context of a matter for population of data, parties (Plaintiffs/Defendants) and key dates



We are so excited to announce our partnership with Templafy. Read the full Press Release here.

Templafy is a global market leader in template management and document automation. It has sold over 3 million licences worldwide, and includes KPMG, IKEA and Pandora in it’s client base. The Templafy cloud based solution provides seamless distribution and application of branded material and documents to it’s enterprise customers.

Our passion at Mosmar has always been to help our clients implement user friendly and efficient systems that ultimately save them time and money. In teaming up with Templafy, we can offer our clients complex document automation with seamless branding, secure integration and distribution.

Helping leading brands in the legal sector to implement efficient and user-friendly solutions that save time and money is our top priority at Mosmar,” said CEO of Mosmar, Rebecca Painter. “Partnering with Templafy marks the next step on our path to providing our customers with the broadest and best possible product experience.” 

Our DocAssist automation solution provides the best in legal process automation, allowing lawyers to work the way they do when drafting documents. DocAssist as well as a number of our solutions and services, integrate perfectly with Templafy via it’s sophisticated and secure cloud based distribution model.

About Templafy 

Templafy helps many of the largest companies in the world drive workforce alignment, reduce their liability and increase their productivity through the market leading document creation and document automation platform. 

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014, Templafy’s team leveraged more than 15 years of experience in template management and document automation to develop an enterprise cloud service solution, which is now a global market leader within its category, validated by blue-chip enterprise customers on every continent. 

For more information on Templafy’s product and company, visit, or follow us on LinkedIn: or Twitter: @templafy 

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